Sorry, Code for Change program is now closed.

Thank you :)

Why is Pixel Sweatshop offering the Code for Change?

Over the years we have received a large number of requests to help organizations develop their website. It became clear that there was a tremendous amount of need for organizations to have a valuable web presence, but most did not have the financial means to achieve it themselves. As a result, we developed a formal process by which organizations can apply for support. By creating this process, we hope to be able to determine which organizations are most in need and who closely aligns with our values.

How does Pixel Sweatshop provide support through the program?

Our portion of the program is provided through an in-kind donation to your organization. Our company will donate our professional print/web design and development services equal to the amount that your organization is willing to contribute to a project.

(Please note: We do not require a tax receipt for our donated portion.)

Why is Pixel Sweatshop only providing 50% of in-kind support for projects?

By matching dollar-for-dollar, we hope to be able help organizations that are also willing to make a commitment to the projects themselves. If we were to offer 100% of the total project funds, then we would receive applications from any and every organization without regard for whether or not it is actually needed. We understand that in today's fiscal climate, most charities are operating with little to no core funding and anything "helps". However, there are some organizations that are better off than others. We have limited funds and resources, so we would like to be able to help the organizations that are in the most need of our services.

Does our organization need to contribute the entire $10,000 to qualify?

No. The program will augment any amount up to $10,000. So, if your organization has a limited budget of $1,000, Pixel Sweatshop will match that with another $1,000.

Do we have to complete our project with Pixel Sweatshop?

Yes, Pixel Sweatshop must be involved in the projects. It is a great opportunity for our company to demonstrate our contributions to the community through your organization.

What are some examples of projects that can be support through Code for Change?

Through the history of the program, we have helped develop a wide range projects. Some examples include:

  • General websites built on a Content Management System that allows any member of the organization, with limited technical knowledge, to easily update content on their website. Negating the need to hire an IT professional to make simple changes/updates to their website after it has been developed.
  • Social/community networking sites for the clients to communicate and connect with one another or staff.
  • Client Relationship Management Systems to record and manage case notes, communications, and case histories. Completely eliminating the need for traditional paper files and making client records more accessible to case management teams
  • Online elearning platforms for clients to access training opportunities where traditional classroom courses are not available
  • Intranets for teams and Boards to communicate, share ideas, vote and collaborate on organizational documents

When is the application deadline?

The application deadline is December 31u. The applications are reviewed and approved on a continuous basis throughout the year. This is to allow organizations with different fiscal periods an opportunity to apply when it best suits them. Please note, that even though the application window is year-long, the resources are allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis (provided they meet the criteria), until all funds are utilized. Applying late in the year may result in your application being dismissed due to all resources being committed to other projects.

What types of organization's are considered for the program?

Any organization in Canada that provids a valuable service to the community will be considered. Internation organizations or organizations providing support/servies outside of Canada are also encouraged to apply.

Organizations that only provide support and services exclusively to it's members, are not. This includes social clubs and professional associations.

We also want to make sure the organization's primary goals and mission statement align with the core values of our organization. We have received applications in the past from organizations that support racial and social superiority and applications from organizations that, although exist to better our community, do so in manner to which we do not wish to align ourselves (e.g. Political demonstrations of a violent nature). These are not values with which we wish to align ourselves.

For-Profit entities can also be considered provided that they can demonstrate they provide sliding scale pricing for their services for those that cannot afford it. Examples such as counseling services for low-income individuals.

Simply, if your organization can qualify for Charitable Status with Canada Revenue Agency (and are in good standing), then you will most likely qualify for the program.

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